No cause for alarm

Last night I dreamt that I died.
And for once all was peaceful inside,

No frets about health nor wonders of wealth,

What was done was gone and now calm had begun.I could neither move nor see,And there was no one but me;
Left in a bubble with no echoes,no patterns of light,

And there I was with no instinct to fight.

True the passage was not pretty, not silent nor calm

But worth it I thought as I severed my arm.

Gone now was the pain and gone was the struggle; I left it all for this silent bubble

One comment on “No cause for alarm

  1. Peace within, Peace surrounding, and Peace enter your spirit! I like this post as it seems rather reflective. Is it reflecting any one personal struggle? Dreams are a reflection and direct translation of our subconscious…so if you are dreaming then writing a poem about the following, ask for peace (take no direct action) and go from there! 😉

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