I was raised by cats…


I was raised by cats you know.

They would accompany me everywhere I’d go.

You may think it’s impossible and I can see why

But I was raised by cats! No word of a lie.

It was cats that taught me the value of caution

And from this I was able to sense the whiff of extortion

That exuded the woman my dad was taken in by

But me and the cats knew that woman was sly!

So you may scoff and dismiss cats’ skittish ways

But if you have any sense you’d listen to what the behaviour says!


It was the cats who taught me true compassion,

Showing me that care did not have to be rationed.

In the time before her son died,

Noodle never left Pushkin’s side.

She groomed him so tender and lovingly,

I still feel so privileged to be me

Because I was raised by cats you know

And they would accompany everywhere I’d go.


It was the cats who taught me the importance of loyalty

But I learnt this the hard way and now the cats no longer follow me.

The cats always used to sleep with me on my bed

That was until we left them not quite as bad as leaving them for dead;

But they were left with just food and each other for company

Oh how I missed the cats that followed me

Left and abandoned in that old great lonely house,

Only a cat flap to let them in and out.

Such abandonment is maybe tolerable once but not twice

I used to be greeted by purrs and mews; but now the cats are quiet as mice.

I was raised by cats you know

I miss when they’d accompany me everywhere I’d go


2 comments on “I was raised by cats…

  1. suzanne belmont says:

    that pulled at my heartstrings!!

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